Saturday, September 5, 2015

Scott Walker completes his Florida flop

And Marco Rubio, it appears, is scheduled to be our next performer.

 The rest of the behinders in the Sept 2 Florida Times-Union poll:

  • 3% - Ted Cruz, John Kasich
  • 2% - Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie
  • 1% - Bobby Jindal (sez 'welcome to the club, Scott Walker')
  • 0% -  Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham

Poll:  Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump lead in Florida.  (Savannah Morning News, 9/4/2015)  
“Trump’s strongest support by far comes from the youngest of voters (age 18-29). But he also seems to be strong with those aged 45-64, a potent segment of Florida GOP primary voters,” said veteran pollster and Republican operative Matt Towery. “Carson has a big lead among the 30-44 age group. That’s a segment that tends to be most active with schools and community issues related to their children.

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