Monday, May 24, 2010

Maggie Rivals Dewey for Media Attention

Link to May 18 article, "Maggie the cat gets feline reprieve".

Excerpt: Trustee and new Community Library board president Ken Mangold (Randall) said he thinks that Maggie ought to live out the rest of her years in the library, the home she has known so long. Goodson ech-oed those sentiments. "Maggie pulled her weight and caught mice," Goodson said. "Remains were found. And now the donations for Maggie's care have come in. Some library board trustees have stepped up to the plate for her. LeeAnn said she will take care of the cat litter after hours."

Briese said on May 14, that she has dealt with media on the cat issue all week. "This is something that the library board needs to deal with internally. It's unfortunate that the issue is being played out in the media."

Since the issue came to light last week, the library has received $400 in donations for Maggie. The donations have come from other counties and other states. Briese said people have come to the library from other communities to donate and see Maggie

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