Friday, February 10, 2017

Scott Walker and his for-profit college, pay-to-play buddies

Scott Walker revives proposal to eliminate for-profit college oversight board.  (, 2/10/2017)
The shake-up, included in Walker’s executive budget, could reduce state oversight of for-profit schools, which have weathered criticism for questionable marketing practices and degree programs. The proposal comes as experts also expect federal regulators to take a more hands-off approach to the industry.

Educational Oversight Board.
The Governor no longer wishes to be pleasured by this group.  The EAB board is a seven-member body consisting of representatives of state agencies and other persons possessing a demonstrated interest in educational programs. EAB board members are appointed and serve at the pleasure of the governor.

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The money behind Walker's laxity toward for-profit colleges.  (Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, 2/6/2015)
Top industry contributors to Walker include $7,500 from Herzing College founder Henry Herzing and his wife, Suzanne, of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., and $5,000 from the political action committee of California-based Bridgepoint Education . Bridgepoint has been the subject of numerous lawsuits and investigations by the federal government and about a half-dozen states, including Iowa, New York and California, for fraud, consumer protection violations and recruiting practices.
For Profit  Higher Education:The Failure to Safeguard the Federal Investment and Ensure Student Success,  (U.S. Senate Health, Education Labor and Pensions Committee, 7/20/2012)
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