Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trump's America: Iowa coffee-shop wisdom, demographics, population, voting

Source: Wikipedia
Source:  CNN
Also of note:
Persons 65 and older (2015)
  • 19.5% - Poweshiek County
  • 17.4% - Webster County
  • 16.1% - Iowa
  • 14.9% - U.S.
Bachelor's degree or higher, percent persons 25 and older
  • 29.8% - U.S.
  • 24.6%  - Poweshiek County
  • 20.7% - Iowa
  • 18.8% - Webster County
Webster = pink, Poweshiek = red

Two weeks in, Iowans remain bitterly divided over President Donald Trump.  (Des Moines Register, 2/6/2017)

  • “I kind of agree that he’s moves too fast without support.  But that’s one of the things he said he’d do. He’s going to drain the swamp, and you’ve got to start somewhere. Where do you start? You can’t please everyone.”
  • “He said what he was going to do before he got elected and now he’s hit the ground running,  It seems like other presidents dragged their feet for the first two months, three months, a year before they ever got anything done.”

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