Thursday, November 24, 2016

Karolyn Lane Stone (1934-2016) Warren High School class of 1953

1953 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory
  • [county section] Lane Alyce D 12 Riverside dr
  • Lane C P emp Sylvania r12 Riverside dr

1983 Warren City Directory
  • Lane Charles P & Dolores retd h443 Hammond St Extn
  • Stone Karolyn L Mrs nurse Warren Area High Sch h17 W 5th Av
  • Stone Richard C & Karolyn L; tchr Jefferson Elem Sch h17 W 5th Av

Considering that Karolyn Lane was born in 1934, I'd say her parents were alternative spelling trendsetters.  (Compared 'Carolyn'.)

Other members of the class of 1953:
Roberta Leave Troutman.  (6/8/2016)
Grace Tigani.  (5/20/2016)
Nan Perry Fischer.  (6/18/2015)

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