Monday, November 21, 2016

In its anti-immigration zeal, Breitbart replays a story from June 2016

The real story.
Fire at Refugee Shelter in Germany Followed a Dispute Over Ramadan, Police Say.  (The New York Times, 6/11/2016)
The police say five male shelter residents are suspected of setting the fire, which broke out on Tuesday after the afternoon meal service was reduced in consideration for Muslim residents. All of the approximately 130 residents were able to escape the fire, but several suffered injuries related to smoke inhalation. 
Residents have complained for months about conditions in the shelter, which used temporary walls to divide the separate living areas but did not afford migrants full privacy.  
Also reported  by the BBC.
Ramadan meal row 'prompted German fire' at Duesseldorf shelter.  (6/9/2016)
The mood at the hall was already poor, according to Red Cross workers cited by German media. Police are said to be looking at earlier reports of attempted arson. 
When Ramadan started the situation reportedly became worse, and staff at the site were spat at and pelted with shoes. 
A late evening meal was introduced for Muslims observing Ramadan and one group of men not taking part in the fast complained that their meals were not big enough.

In a froth, the right-wing echo chamber has been banging on the nutella-and-gummi-bears drum with mindless intensity.

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