Friday, December 26, 2014

Number of Paid Full-Time-Equivalent (FTE) Staff in U.S. Public Libraries (South Dakota-Vermont)

Funding cuts jeopardize Coffee County libraries.  (News 5 Channel, 6/24/2014)
Memphis budget cuts cause layoffs, change in hours of operation.  (Memphis Commercial Appeal, 7/27/2011)

SchutzeTurns Out Dallasites Love Their Libraries. If Only City Hall Didn't Hate Them.  (Dallas Observer, 10/15/2012).
Houston libraries brace for cuts, layoffs.  (Houston Chronicle, 4/1/2011)
Public libraries face cuts due to TX budget shortfall.  (KLTV, 1/24/2011)

Protest over library layoffs.  (WCAX, 1/12/2013)

A table of cumulative percentages

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