Monday, December 15, 2014

Number of Paid Full-Time-Equivalent (FTE) Staff in U.S. Public Libraries (New Mexico-Ohio)

Majority of State Report Decline in Funding for Library Services.  (Institute of Museum and Library Services, Research Brief No. 3, April 2011)

Librarians organize 4th annual "We Will Not Be Shushed" Read-In.  (Melville House, 6/7/2013)
As they wait for the city budget chips to fall, Queens Library workers hope layoffs aren’t looming.  (New York Daily News, 6/12/2012)
Library Layoffs & Cuts Proposed in New York City.  (Galleycat, 5/10/2011)
NYPL Faces Harshest Budget Cut In Its History.  (New York Public Library, 5/6/2010)

Top Reasons Why Cutting State Library Funding (2014-2015 Budget) in North Carolina is Not a Good Idea.  (North Carolina Library Advocacy,)
Charlotte-Mecklenberg Public Library System Hit by Major Budget Crisis.  (Greensboro Public Library, 3/26/2010)

Kasich's budget slashes aid to local governments.  (Columbus Dispatch, 3/15/2011)
Layoffs, reduced hours at public libraries.  (Business Journal, 7/31/2009)
Public Library Funding Cut in New State Budget.  (Ohio Library Council, 7/13/2009)  In 2008, Ohio public libraries received 61.6% of their funding from the state.  In 2009, they received 54.9%.  In 2011, 47.0%.

Source:  Institute of Museum and Library Services, Public Libraries in the United States Survey (1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2011)

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