Sunday, November 17, 2013

Library is Bright Spot in Decatur City Manager's 2014 Budget

Layoffs likely as city tries to close $1.6 million budget gap. (Decatur Herald-Review, 11/16/2013)

But only because, in the library's case, the budget ax had previously been used. There were a few bright spots in McCrady’s presentation. He praised Decatur Public Library officials for their budget, which provides for a $150,000 surplus next year. McCrady’s budget proposal allocates $3.4 million in revenue for the library, keeping its funding level. 

Library board members earlier this year were forced to cut $500,000 to balance the library budget. The measures included layoffs and shortened hours.

From June 28, 2013

"Baby Talk" programs are still on the Decatur Public Library's schedule in November 2013.

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