Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wheaton Mayor, Council Bully Library Board to Restore Friday Hours

Link to July 15 Daily Herald article, "Wheaton Library seeks end to dispute over Friday closures".

Excerpt: The library board has been in hot water with city council members since implementing the Friday closures last month to make up for the loss of $300,000 in property tax revenue the city withheld to deal with its own budgetary problems.

To force the library board to abandon the cost-cutting move, Mayor Michael Gresk last week replaced one library trustee. And the city council is expected to vote next month on a proposed law that would require the library to be open six days a week during the summer and all seven days during the school year.

McLaughlin said she hopes the library board's concession will appease city council members and make the need for the proposed ordinance "go away."

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