Monday, May 10, 2010

Wisconsin Dells Plan Commission to Library Board: Parking Plan, Please

Link to May 7 Wisconsin Dells Events article, "Commission debates parking lot".

Excerpt:   The city's zoning code requires at least 50 parking spaces for a building the size of the library.

A divided library board had recommended a 21-space parking lot on the east side of the building with an entrance to the lot from Cedar Street. When that was approved, library board members Alderperson Debbie Kinder and Kathleen Helland voted against it. Kinder spoke against the lot at the plan commission meeting's public hearing on the permit, saying the lot would take too much green space from the block which houses the library and the previous library building. She said the city could put 23 angle parking stalls on Cedar Street instead of having the lot, which would preserve green space. Children in the city have no other green space like the library block to run in, she said. "I don't envy you in your decision," she said to commission members.

Having the parking lot on the east side of the library will encourage people to come into the entrance on that side and having it there allows sufficient green space to remain, said Gisela Hamm, a library trustee since 1991. Maybe children can find another place to play soccer, she said, but the addition is being built for library patrons and the public has asked for more parking spaces at the library

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