Sunday, February 28, 2010

Evanston, Illinois: Race, Class, and Library Branches

Link to February 15 article.

Excerpt: As Evanston officials try to resolve the debate over branch libraries, one issue lurking in the background is the economic and racial disparity between the neighborhoods that do have branches and those that don't.

The North Branch library, at 2026 Central St., is located in census tract 8091. It and two adjoining north Evanston census tracts are the only ones in the city in which the population is more than 90 percent white.

The South Branch library, at 949 Chicago Ave., is located in census tract 8099. It is the next-whitest tract in the city with a population that is 88.67 percent white.

Link to Save Our Branch Libraries Facebook page. (532 members.)

Link to Close Evanston Branch Libraries petition. (104 signatures.)

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