Thursday, July 28, 2016

FOX News racist? They omit, you decide

Reported at Guess which network refused to air the DNC speeches by mothers of children killed by police.  (DeadState, 7/27/2016)

Source:  imdb

Raymond Smith (1920-2016) Warren High School Class of 1938

1938 Dragon yearbook

Raymond's high-school activities:
Football (3); German Club (3); A Capella Choir (4); Boys' Glee Club (4); Noon Hi-Y (2, 3); Basketball (3); Mixed Chorus (4).

1967 Warren City Directory

  • Smith Cecelia (wid Frank J) h1919 Pennsylvania av W
  • Smith Raymond (Phyllis) emp Bell Tel h904 Hillcrest dr (NW/North Warren)
1983 Warren City Directory
  • Smith Raymond E & Phyllis E; retd h55 Highland Dr

'Raymond' is graphed here, but we have yet to look at 'Phyllis'.

'Phyllis' enjoyed an impressive run of popularity from the 1920s into the 1950s, but after 1960 she quickly went out of fashion.

Other class of '38 grads:
Elsie Larson Johnson.  (7/23/2016)
Joseph Suppa.  (2/28/2016)
Doris Knapp Gnage.  (10/14/2014)
Harry Kershaw.  (9/1/2014)
Frank Flood.  (6/30/2014)
Wayne Mahaffy.  (2/22/2014)

With Trump endorsement, Paul Ryan steps into pile of deep shit

Reported at In break from Trump, Paul Ryan defends NATO, trade deals.  (, 7/26/2016)

Because there are sure to be many more 'breaks' between now and Election Day, I'd like to dedicate this song to the beleagued Speaker.

Their third single spent a mere 8 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #39 in the late spring of 1964.  Sad!

You can see Russia from Pence campaign rally in Waukesha

Reported at Post reporter barred, patted down by police, at rally for Trump running mate.  (Washington Post, 7/28/2016)

The Pence campaign's alleged embarrassment notwithstanding, the most telling element of this story is that local police complied with the request.

On the environment, you'll find a stark difference between Republicans and Democrats in Wisconsin State Assembly

The other 4 Democratic Assembly reps all scored in the 90% range.  (A total of 13 pieces of legislation was used to determine the ratings.)

Clearly, Wisconsin's GOP legislators have no interest in protecting our air, water, and wild places.