Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"Results not scientific", i.e., Purdue fans spend all day online

VOTE: Which Big Ten mascot is the best?  (Chicago Tribune)

Cliimate Change: Somebody Can't See the Forest for the Trees

A tree.

Headline from a blog ineptly called "Real Science"

The Forest.

Source:  National Climatic Data Center.  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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Following Up on Mirro's Demise and Demolition (Part 3)

Demolition starts at Manitowoc's landmark Mirro plant.  (Green Bay Press Gazette, 3/5/2014)

Though I'm sure a clear mental picture will remain"We've talked about how nice it will be to not look at the eyesore ... it will be a little weird to look at the open space," said Marty Schaller, executive director of Northeastern Wisconsin Area Health Education Center. 

The health center's offices at 925 S. 15th St. are directly across from the 900,000-square-foot former cookware and bakeware plant bounded by 15th, 16th, Washington and Franklin streets. 

May 2010

This is the west side of the building.   Major demolition work is taking place on the east side.

July 2014

2010 photo taken for this blogpost, The Mirro Company, Manitowoc, Wisconsin (8/10/2010)

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Following Up on Mirro's Demise and Demolition (Part 2)

Legendary Mirro manufacturing plant being demolished in Manitowoc.  (WTAQ, Green Bay, 3/6/2014)

According to his resume, Eric specializes demolition and environmental remediationEric Spirtas bought the 900,000 square foot building almost eight years ago for $200. He said it was impossible to re-use the industrial space, due in part to the Great Recession.

Instead, Spirtas says he's trying to salvage what he can -- including northern hemlock and maple floor-boards. He says the demolition should be finished within a year.

May 2010

July 2014

2010 photo taken for this blogpost, The Mirro Company, Manitowoc, Wisconsin (8/10/2010)

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Following Up on Mirro's Demise and Demolition (Part 1)

Downtown Manitowoc's landmark Mirro building being torn down. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/6/2014)

Not to mention a reminder of a source of good-paying jobs.  Many residents are happy to see the abandoned Mirro manufacturing plant come down because it was a reminder of jobs lost overseas. The 900,000-square-foot former cookware plant once provided employment for thousands before Newell-Rubbermaid moved production to Mexico. 

May 2010

On the south, west, and north sides of the building, demolition has been limited to window frame removal.

I left my camera at home this weekend and was thus reduced to taking photos with my iPad.

(Let's pause a moment so I can mentally beat up on myself again.)

July 2014

2010 photo taken for this blogpost, The Mirro Company, Manitowoc, Wisconsin (8/10/2010)