Friday, July 25, 2014

13,000 Books Donated to the Friends of the Arden-Dimick Library

About this video Frank Rose, 85, donated his collection of 13,000 books to the Friends of the Arden-Dimick Library. He has been collecting books for 70 years.

Arden-Dimick is a branch of the Sacramento Public Library.

At the end of this video report, Margaret Clausen, Treasurer of the Friends of Arden-Dimick Library, says:  It's the largest book donation we've ever received by far.  It's going to be a legacy that will live a long time through the library book collection."

From this quote, some viewers might be left with the impression that the books will be added to the library's collection.  That's not the case, as this report in the Sacramento Bee clarifies.

Next week, volunteers will sort through the collection for any hidden gems. On a hunch, Clausen recently pulled two books, “Verve, Revue Artistique et Littéraire” and “Dessins pour la Bible” by Marc Chagall, from boxes dropped on the library’s doorstep. 

Last week, the pair fetched $6,000 for the library at a San Francisco auction, she said. 

“From day to day, you never know what you’re going to find,” Clausen said. 

Some of Rose’s collection could be sold on Remaining books will likely be available at the Oct. 31 community book sale.

Wisconsin Business Headline News

Up 25% to a 6,000,000 barrels.

1.13 million pelts.

The Phil Gingrey Fear-mongering Bandwagon

As a physician, Gingrey should know that the Ebola virus is limited to Africa and dengue fever is transmitted by bugs and dogs.

The Immigrant Kids Have Health Issues — But Not The Ones You'd Think.  (NPR, 7/22/2014)

Many officials don't care to allow reality to color their perspective and are content to fear-monger and pander.   As a cautionary measure, all detainees are evaluated right at the border to stop any potential disease from spreading as early as possible. 

They're screened at least once — first by a member of the Border Patrol and then by physicians, if necessary — for signs of any disease. This includes rash, fever, persistent coughing, vomiting and diarrhea, says Jessica Maxwell, a spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security, which works with Border Patrol. 

The incidence of infectious diseases is very low, she says

How low?  Let's use tuberculosis as an example.

Here at home, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and 3 of his Republican colleagues have jumped on the panderwagon.

Notice the southeastern Wisconsin cluster.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Total Number of Audio and Video Materials (Physical Units) in Wisconsin Public Libraries, 1990-2013

All statistics from the Wisconsin Public Library Service Data.

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Know Your Madison Geography: .....a nightclub on East Washington Avenue

Could be a new series, folks!

Madison police seek suspects in East Side armed robbery.   (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/24/2014)

Ruining an otherwise enjoyable evening.    Police said the 32-year-old victim was walking from a nightclub on East Washington Avenue to his vehicle in a parking lot on the 3500 block of Ridgeway Avenue at about 12:40 a.m. when he was approached by two men, both with handguns. The men took the victim's wallet and phone before fleeing the area on foot.

The 3500 block of Ridgeway.

The nightclub on the 3500 block of East Wash.