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American Millstone (Chicago Tribune, 1985)

Lost Society Infects Cities.   Permanent Underclass May Be Developing.  (9/15/1985)
  • Great setbacks occurred in progress on rights
  • Old industrial jobs in cities disappear
  • 5 million dependent on aid from the state

Roots of underclass found in racism, failed policies.  (9/16/1985)
  • Female-headed families big factor
  • Today's bias rooted in slavery
  • Urban decline -- racial succession
  • Neo-conservative black perspective

Everyone pays the price for crime in ghetto.  (9/17/1985)
  • Even 'safe' suburbs don't escape crime
  • Criminal behavior is reinforced

High school has crime as teacher.  (9/17/1985)

Youth came to society's attention once -- in big way.  (9/17/1985)

For poverty, not even money has been a cure.  (9/18/1985)
  • Special aid plans deal with underclass
  • No success could match expectations
  • Aid to tobacco, dairy farmers unquestioned
  • Family breakdown a huge problem
  • Mood is for more local solutions

Lost jobs leave legacy of despair.  (9/19/1985)
  • Where some may never know work
  • Migrants still come, but jobs dissolve
  • Pay, pride undercut status of steady job
  • Career hopes vanish -- why go to school?
  • Incentives fail to lure investment

Schools outclasses in fight with failure.  (9/30/1985)
  • Middle class cares little about schools
  • Inner-city pupils called hard to teach
  • Task force urges preschool programs

Inner-city teaching usually a textbook case of frustration.  (6/16/1985)

Fortress of poverty marks grave of a dream.  (10/1/1985)
  • 'Rent's going up, buildings do down'
  • 'It's like a prison' for a mother of five
  • Whites rejected black neighbors

The road to hell.  For Cabrini-Green, it was paved with good intentions.  (Chicago Tribune Magazine, 3/31/1985)

The family is No. 1 casualty of welfare warfare.  (10/2/1985)
  • AFDC payments fail to keep pace
  • Blacks also seeking place in the Sunbelt
  • Welfare cheating:  myth vs. reality

One family's ordeal -- 28 years of poverty in urban America.  (10/6/1985)

Cycle of poverty, despair born again in delivery room.  (10/7/1985)

North Lawndale blues -- day with the down and out.  (10/8/1985)

Fighting a losing battle to help hopeless.  (10/16/1985)

Sean:  A West Side child.

Futures of 3 men junked in vacant lot.  (10/17/1985)

Another infant without a fighting chance.  (10/18/1985)

School under siege of poverty.  (10/27/1985)

Spinning their wheels at the corner of nowhere.  (10/30/1985)

Parole puts crime back on streets.  (11/11/1985)

Addicts slip out back door of reality.  (11/13/1985)

Lawndale's lots eerily empty, haunted by economy that died.  (11/17/1985)

North Lawndale can't afford a dream.  (11/18/1985)

Community's housing in a state of collapse.  (11/19/1985)

In a nation of riches, a permanent underclass.  (12/1/1985)

Too proud to trade welfare for minimum wage.  (12/1/1985)

Escape is a struggle but some will pay the price.  (12/1/1985)

Churches offer hope, but only for the hopeful.  (12/1/1985)

A system unwilling or unable to respond.  (12/1/1985)

Checks bring basics and a dead-end emptiness.  (12/1/1985)

Courage and brains can grind a millstone into dust.  (12/6/1985)

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Madison Public Library Green Roof: From Afar and Up Close

New Central Library Design Meeting Includes Green Roof Feasibility Study Discussion. (City of Madison news release, 2/10/2011)

Photos by Retiring Guy

Madison Public Library’s Central Library Achieves LEED Gold Certification. (City of Madison news release, 7/25/2014)

Seen in the Vicinity of the Middleton Senior Center

Buick lowers average age of buyer, but it’s higher than norm. (The Columbus Dispatch, 3/30/2013)

Those were the days.   Buick, once coveted for its understated elegance, used to be a dominant brand. In 1984, GM sold 942,000 Buicks in the U.S., according to Ward’s AutoInfoBank. But younger people opted for SUVs and cooler European cars, and never aged into Buicks. Sales tumbled, bottoming out at barely more than 102,000 in 2009. GM kept the brand alive only because it became a huge seller in China.

We had a Buick once.

Photo by Retiring Guy's Dad

Dallas News Editorial Board: Restore Full Funding to Dallas Public Libraries!

Restore full funding to Dallas public libraries. (Dallas News, 8/26/2014)

Dallas official haven't loved and valued library services lately.  According to a recent Dallas Morning News study, Dallas also has the lowest percentage of adults who have a high school diploma among 22 peer cities nationally.

Yet despite the compelling need for a robust public library system, the operating hours of the public libraries in Dallas are the lowest in the D-FW area and the lowest among our peer cities in Texas.

While most other public libraries in the region are open at least 50 or 60 hours per week, almost all of the public library branches in Dallas are open a mere 40 hours per week and are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Most of the libraries in Dallas don’t even have copiers.

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Scott Walker Wonders Why Iowa Republicans Aren't Playing His Song

Walker finds himself in next-to-last place in latest Iowa poll.

Perhaps those Hawkeye GOPers have another tune in mind.

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