Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dear Jean "One and Done" Stothert and Marty Bilek, Nebraska State Law is Clear

Mayor's Office proposes letting police check out library patron information. (Omaha World Herald, 10/20/2014)

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The Fabulous Felonious Brothers on the Minimum Wage

(1)  Walker on minimum wage: ‘I don’t think it serves a purpose’. (MSNBC, 10/14/2014)
(2)   Labor chief: 'Christie's got his head in the sand'. (CNN, 10/23/2014)

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Robin Vos's Road to Yesteryear

Jobs, Benefits Fraud Top Assembly GOP Agenda For Next Year. (WUWM, 10/22/2014)

Wherein you'll find this quote from Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

No Picket Fence:  Younger Adults Are Opting to Rent.  (The New York Times, 10/22/2014)

What do all 3 have in common?
All locations were selected because of their proximity to public transit. 

And it's not just a Northeastern Corridor kinda thing.


Kewaunee County's CAFO Concentration

Sources for column graph

Environmental groups ask EPA to study drinking water pollution from Kewaunee County dairies. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,10/23/2014)

And the air is....
The petitioners chose Kewaunee County [notice what is emphasized pictorially on the county's homepage] because “the issue is ripe” there, Wheeler said. The county is one of several in northeastern Wisconsin where thin soils and cracked karst bedrock make groundwater vulnerable, and there is a lot of data on the well issues.

While the number of CAFOs — the largest farms, with at least 700 dairy cows — has skyrocketed statewide, Kewaunee is one of just four Wisconsin counties where the number of dairy cows rose in the past three decades, according to DNR records cited in the petition.
The county has about 200 dairy farms, including 15 classified as CAFOs, which are under stricter manure-handling regulations.
On average, that's 1 dairy farm every 1.7 square miles.

At 342 square miles, Kewaunee County ranks 66th in size in land area among Wisconsin's 72 counties.

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