Saturday, November 11, 2017

"He's embarrassing": Roy Moore has plenty of detractors in his home state

Focus on the straight red and blue lines.  Democrat Doug Jones trails GOP dingbat Roy Moore by just 4.7 percentage points.   (42.3% vs. 47.0%)  In Alabama!

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For Alabama Women, Disgust, Fatigue and a Sense Moore Could Win Anyway.  (The New York Times, 11/10/2017)
Census statistics show that Alabama’s voting age population is, on balance, whiter, poorer and less educated than the nation’s. Like many other Republican candidates in statewide elections in the South, Mr. Moore draws much of his political strength from rural areas, which still have enormous clout. Still, 47 percent of the state’s active registered voters are concentrated in its seven most populous counties.

Original 9/22/2017 post, "Looks like Alabama is going to get what it derserves", starts here.

Roy Moore makes 'Alabama derserves Moore' mistake; Democrat Doug Jones gets last laugh.  (ALcom, 8/21/2017)
Former Chief Justice Roy Moore rolled into Montgomery ahead of tonight's debate against challenger Luther Strange in a campaign bus prominently featuring a web address playing off his slogan "Alabama Deserves Moore."

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