Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Greetings from the Family Scrapbooks: The Sandgrens

With no first names to guide me, I can only guess that this Christmas photo features the Carl H. Sandgren family.

Rev. Sandgren served as pastor of First Lutheran Church in Rock Island, Illinois, from 1932-1936.   His final year would have overlapped with my dad's freshman year at Augustana College. The church is located about 1 mile from the campus and may have very likely been the one he chose to attend during his college and seminary years.  (Brings to mind a song:  "Hello Central, Give Me Heaven".)

Rev. Sandgren is mentioned in this 3/14/1959 article in the Miami Herald, "Prayer Key to Fundraising in Building".

That's the conviction of a man who specializes in church fund-raising, the Rev. Carl H. Sandgren of Minneapolis. The Rev. Mr. Sandgren is director of the Department of Church Architecture and Building Finance of the national Augustana Lutheran Church. He has directed some 150 church funds appeals in the last seven years, and most of them have gone over the mark.

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