Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Greetings from the Family Scrapbooks: The Mystery of Gen

December 1945

Note on back of photo card.  

Dear Marion,

Christmas greetings!

Almost a year of married life for you & Carl now.  We hear of you quite often thru Gordon.  Just this past week the L.B.I. Round Robin came to me.  It was hard to associate faces with all of the names & I didn't take time to hunt up the class picture.  Do you see the Randolphs very often?  Surely has been cold  for a couple of weeks.  The children love the snow tho.  We are fine -- a busy happy family


Based on this message, I assume that Gen was a classmate of Mom's at the Lutheran Bible Institute in Minneapolis.  Unfortunately, Gen doesn't provide her husband's or children's names.

Perhaps she was a member of "The Gang"?

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