Tuesday, December 26, 2017

UPDATE. In a see-saw way, NBC/Wall Street polls find an expanding approval/disproval ratings gap for Trump

12/25/2017 update, "CNN charts a growing gap in Trump approval/disapproval ratings since September", starts here.

12/22/2017 update, "According to a year's worth of Economist/YouGov polls, Trump's disapproval rating spiked during 1st weeks of his presidency",  starts here.

12/22/2017 update, " Nearly a year's worth of Reuters/Ipsos polls show a steady deterioration of Trump's approval rating", starts here.

From a +1 approval rating in February to a -28 approval rating in December.

12/20/2017 update, "A year's worth of Quinnipiac polls shows Trump treading water since late July", starts here.

And his approval rating remains essentially unchanged.

12/19/2017 update, ". Public Policy Polling finds Trump's disapproval rating at highest level to date in presidency", starts here.

12/18/2017 update, "CBS News approval/disappoval polls find Trump treading water since June", starts here.

Real Clear Politics daily average

12/17/2017 update, " Latest Monmouth poll finds Trump's approval/disapproval gap seriously expanding", starts here.

From May through September, Monmouth found continuing evidence of a shrinking gap, going against the grain of Trump's average poll numbers.

12/13/2017 update, "Donald Trump hits new low in approval polls", starts here.

No wonder Roy Moore is struggling in Alabama.

8/30/2017 update, "Poll:  Fox News finds it increasingly difficult to prop up Trump", starts here.

Donald Trump Better Not See This Brand New Fox News Poll.  (The New Civil Rights Movement, 8/30/2017)

Drilling down:
  • % of respondents who approve strongly of the job Trump is doing as president has dropped 7 percentage points:  35% to 28%
  • % of respondenets who are satisfied with the way things are going in the country today has dropped 10 percentage points since April:  45% to 35%
  • Joe Biden scores highest (56%) on on favorability of 9 individuals and items
  • Mike Pence's favorability rating has droiipped 5 percentage points since October:  51% to 46%
  • Mitch McConnell has never been anybody's favorite

8/18/2017 update starts here.

Trump Temperamental Consequences.  (Monmouth University, 8/15/2017)
The one-quarter of the public who solidly support the president are more likely than the full population to be 
  • age 55 and older (46% versus 35% of all American adults) 
  • less likely to be under 35 years old (22% versus 31% of all American adults)
  • more likely to be non-Hispanic whites (79% versus 65% of all American adults). 
  • somewhat less likely to hold a college degree (21% versus 29% of all American adults) 
  • evenly split on gender (52% male and 48% female) similar to the population at large (48% male and 52% female)
  • income profile is also similar to the full population.

8/15/2017 update, " Recent CBS News polls contribute to Trump's gaping maw", starts here.

CBS NEWS POLL.  President Trump’s Approval Steady While Views of Economy Rise.

Also of note:
  • Trump is seriously underwater with Independents:  32% approve/59% disapprove
  • On the issues (approve/disapprove)
    • Economy (46% / 45%)
    • Health care (32% / 59%)
    • Immigration (37% / 57%)

8/12/2017 update, "Another day, another increasing disapproval rating for Trump", starts here.

Note that the states Trump flipped -- Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa -- give him an average approval rating of 40-44%.

8/2/2017 update, "Quinnipiac has some very bad news for Trump", starts here.

Trump drops to new low, close to 2-1 disapproval, Quinnipiac University poll finds; 71 percent say President is not levelheaded.  (Quinnipiac University poll, 8/2/2017)

  • Embarrased by Trump as President:  54% yes, 26% no
  • Abuses powers of office:  57% yes, 40% no
  • Thinks he's above the law:  60% yes, 36% no
  • Should stop tweeting from his personal Twitter account:  67% yes, 29% no
  • Approve strongly or somewhat strongly of the way Trump is handling his job
    • 76% Republicans (delusional)
    • 34% Independents
    •   2% Democrats

7/20/2017 update, "The more the guy bellyaches, the wider the gap between approval (black line) and disapproval (red line)", starts here.

7/22/2017 update starts here.

People Like The Senate Health Bill More Than They Realize — IBD/TIPP Poll. (Investor's Business Daily ,7/5/2017)

The IBD editorial board has made a specialty of flogging Obamacare.  (Here in 2013, here  in 2016, here in 2017.)   In the survey, the options "cut Medicaid and give states more options" and "scale back Medicaid after 2020" are offered with describing the consequences.

7/21/2017 post starts here.

Some of the specifics from latest Economist/YouGov poll:
  • Mood of country:  66% say everyone's in it for themselves
  • 64% are somewhat or very pessimistic that Republicans and Democrats in Congress can work together
  • United Kingdom gets the best "friend or enemy rating" with 53% choosing 'ally' as answer

7/20.2017 post starts here.

Fox News polls:  July 19, 2017

  • Disapproval of Trump's handling of Russie jumped from 52% in April to 56% in July
  • 37% think Trump's disruption of Washington is a good thing
  • 25% support, 55% oppose Senate version of health care bill
  • 60% agree with statement 'We should keep [Obamacare] and make it better

7/19/2017 post starts here.

From the latest Reuters/Ipsos survey:

  • Of the 1,530 survey sample, 658 identify as Democrats (13% approval rate), 554 as Republicans (79%), 171 as Independents (37%)
  • 12% say 'morality' is bigeset problem facing the U.S. today

7/18/2017 post starts here.

From PPP's latest survey:
  • Given the choice, respondents prefer Trump over Pence as President, 37% to 31%.
  • They prefer Hillary Clinton over Trump, 49% to 42%.
  • 43% support, 40% oppose the Affordable Care Act.
  • 20% support, 57% oppose health care bill currently being considered by Congress.
  • Putin's favorable/unfavorable ratings:  9%/71%.
  • 36% think Russia story is fake news, 51% do not, 13% unsure.
  • In a series of questions, respondents trust the media (New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC) more than they trust Trump by an average of 17 percentage points
  • Mitch McConnell's (18%) and Paul Ryan's (24%) approval ratings are much worse than Trump's.

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