Saturday, February 6, 2016

Day 6: New Hampshire primary tracking poll shows no candidates with any momentum

 Source: UMass-Lowell

5-day changes in responses to "Would you definitely vote for [name of candidate] in the New Hampshire Presidential primary?"  (+ or - percentage points)
  • +29 | Ben Carson 
  • +16 | Jeb Bush
  •   +8 | Chris Christie
  •   +6 | Donald Trump
  •   +2 | Mario Rubio
  •    -4 | Ted Cruz
  •    -8 | John Kasich

The definitive outlook of Carson's small group of voters  is not likely to affect next Tuesday's outcome.  He's currently polling at 3%.   His RCP average is 3.3%.

Meanwhile, Carson has jumped on the "I'm appalled at Ted Cruz" bandwagon.

Some of us have been appalled from the start of Cruz's always self-serving political career.

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