Sunday, October 22, 2017

UPDATE. Donald Trump and the company he keeps: The Robert Jeffress edition

Trump Praises and Promotes Anti-Gay Pastor’s New Book: ‘A Wonderful Man!’.  (The New Civil Rights Movement, 10/21/2017)

8/11/2017 update, "Tales of hypocrisy:  Pastor Robert Jeffress has no problem preaching when he's not in the pulpit", starts here.

No copies available in LINKcat.  Jeffress' previous book, Not All Roads Lead to Heaven, is owned by the Fitchburg Public Library.

Quoted in Acts of Faith‘God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un,’ evangelical adviser says.  (Washington Post, 8/9/2017)

Original 7/3/2017 post, " Robert Jeffress is fine with preaching politics when he's not in the pulpit", starts here.

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Quotes:  Brainy Quote (R)  (emphasis added)

Trump Returns to D.C. (Briefly) to Appear with Pastor That’s Linked Gays to Pedophilia and His ‘Many Evangelical Friends’.  (The New Civil Rights Movement, 7/1/2017)

Dr. Jeffress' latest tweet.

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