Monday, December 30, 2013

Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald Sez "No" to 40 of his Assembly Colleagues

Bill summary (with bullet points added)

Relating to:
  • various changes in the campaign finance laws; 
  • exemption of certain electors from the requirement to present proof of identification when voting in an election; 
  • identifying documentation to establish proof of residency for voter registration; 
  • recording the type of identifying document provided as proof of residence; 
  • limiting the times for voting by absentee ballot in person; 
  • the method of reporting election returns by municipalities; 
  • fees for election recounts; 
  • the method of recounting votes cast with automatic tabulating equipment; 
  • residency of election officials; 
  • recall petition requirements; 
  • the procedure for recounting ballots when electors voting in person are required to sign the poll list and fail to do so; 
  • challenging an elector's registration during recount proceedings; 
  • witness addresses on absentee ballot certificates; 
  • nominees submitted by the Government Accountability Board candidate committee; 
  • securing ballot containers; 
  • party representation for election officials serving at polling places; 
  • scheduling of referendums.

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