Thursday, April 5, 2018

Blue wave UPDATE. 2016 presidential election buyer's remorse in Jackson County, Wisconsin?

As you can see from the bar graph below, Jackson County twice voted for Barack Obama over his GOP opponents by double-digit margins.  Then they seriously reversed course in 2016, with Trump getting 53% of the vote to Clinton's 41%.

Based on Tuesday's Supreme Court election results, it sure looks as though a blue wave has washed over Jackson County.

The same caveat I shared in a previous post also applies here.

1/14/2016 UPDATE, "The 2016 presidential election in Jackson County Wisconsin", starts here.

2016 update:  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (100% reporting)

2012-2016 % change in vote by party
  •  +25.8%  Republicans
  •   -27.9%  Democrats

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