Saturday, March 10, 2018

Rich, white and Republican Oconomowoc school district in a tizzy over white privilege discussion


Oconomowoc schools impose limits on 'privilege' discussions after parents complain.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/9/3018)
Oconomowoc Superintendent Roger Rindo said he was directed by board members during a closed-door, executive session shortly after the Jan. 15 assembly not to allow future activities around the topic of privilege except in classrooms where it is related to a specific course and teachers can provide appropriate context. 
"Schools are a microcosm of their communities. And we had parents in our community who felt like the concept of privilege went a little far, particularly for some of our younger students," Rindo said last week.

Median household income:
  • U.S. - $55,322
  • Wisconsin - $54,610
  • Oconomowoc - $73,500
Percent living in poverty:
  • U.S. - 12.7%
  • Wisconsin - 11.8%
  • Oconomowoc - 5.2%

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