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Urban Land Interests UPDATE. Ground floor Capitol Square office space configuration underway

Photo by Retiring Guy

11/18/2019 update, "20 months later, ground floor corner office space remains vacant", starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

9/20/2018 update, "6 months later, ground floor corner office space remains vacant", starts here.

Looking toward the corner of South Carroll and West Main

Photos by Retiring Guy

Peekaboo 2

3/9/2018 update, "The 100 block of South Carroll Street is now open to traffic", starts here.

Looking north toward the Capitol Square

The 1964 Anchor Bank building reclad and thoroughly remodeled.

Still work to do on the interior.
All photos by Retiring Guy

1/25/2017 update, "2 views of Urban Land Interests development from West Doty and South Carroll", starts here.

The Pressman apartments

This 6th-floor, 2-bed/2-bath unit is available for $3,270/month.

Remodeled and expanded office/retail space

9/29/2017 update, "Office building, Pressman Apartments are ready for occupancy", starts here.

Renovated office building (formerly home to Anchor Bank)

Two views from the Dane County parking ramp, with the Pressman Apartments in the frame.

Photos by Retiring Guy

1-bedroom apartment floor plan  (Lots of units still available.)
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6/11/2017 update starts here.

A series of West Doty Street views

The Baskerville remains unintimidated

Looking toward the Capital Square from South Carroll Street, with the Park Hotel, the steeple of Grace Episcopal Church (1855), and the Churchill Building (1915) in the distance.

With the curved-glass facade of the remodeled office building (former AnchorBank, now Old National)

All photos by Retiring Guy

Living in The Pressman, the new apartment building which abuts the Baskerville, will cost you -- up to $3,350 per month.

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3/4/2017 update, "Capitol Square development from the top of the Dane County parking ramp", starts here.

Video and photo by Retiring Guy

Office opportunities:  A glimpse inside.  (Urban Land Interests)

Residential opportunities:  The Pressman

2/18/2017 update,  "Capitol Square development from both sides of the Baskerville point",  starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

2/6/2017 update, "Capitol Square development begins to assert itself", starts here.

From left to right:  Jackman Building (1913-1914), new construction, The Baskerville (1913-1914).

2 views from West Doty

All photos by Retiring Guy

1/14/2017 update, "Old National Bank Capitol Square development at dusk", at night.

Photo by Retiring Guy

12/22/2016 video update.

12/10/2016 update, "The 88-unit apartment building takes shape", starts here.

That's the recently refurbished Inn on the Park in the distance at right.  It is now known as the Park Hotel, which you won't find in this aerial view.  (Some fake-news susceptible folks might think they've taken over the Capitol.)

Photo by Retiring Guyt

Anchor Bank is no more, taken over by the Indiana-based Old National Bank.

11/17/2016 update, " The Towering Isthmus, Anchor Bank Capitol Square development, night and day", starts here.

From West Doty and South Carroll.

Photos by Retiring Guy

From in front of the Public Safety Building on West Doty.

 Just up South Hamilton from the Baskerville.  (In upper right distance.)


Standing in front of the Public Safety Building on West Doty.

(9/16/2016 update.)  Pretty soon, I'm going to have to find a different vantage point.

Photo and video by Retiring Guy


From the Urban Land Interests website:
Upon completion in Summer 2017, this development will consist of:
  •  fully renovated, Class A office building with a new modern glass fa├žade 
    • 171,000 rentable square feet of office space and
    •  32,000 rentable square feet of ground floor restaurant / retail space 
    •  538 stalls of underground parking extending beneath Carroll Street spread across 5 levels  
  • high-end apartment building 
    • 88 rental apartments 
    • 6,700 rentable square feet of ground floor restaurant / retail space. 

Saturday, August 6

Friday, June 10

Thursday, May 5

Monday, March 21

Anchor Bank timeline.

1919.   First office opens at 1 East Main Street.
1928.  Moves office to Joseph M. Boyd Building on South Carroll.
1941.  New location at South Carroll and West Washington opens for business.

Photo credit:  The Anchor Log (1964)
(Found in the Madison Central Library vertical files)

Still looks pretty much the same, although it's no longer an Anchor property.

Photo by Retiring Guy
1964.  Anchor moves its operations to 10-story building on West Main and South Carroll.

Source:  The Anchor Log

1975.  Construction of addition to east side of the building, which is now undergoing remodeling as part of the Anchor Bank on the Square project.

Photo by Retiring Guy

Friday, March 12.

Final piece of ambitious AnchorBank project going before city's design commission. (Capital Times, 4/21/2015)
The project has been in the works for years, with Urban Land Interests planning major renovations and an expansion to the existing AnchorBank office building at 25 W. Main St. As the project gained approval, ULI expanded the scope to include the bank’s 50-year-old parking garage, located across South Carroll Street. 
The plans now include tearing down that parking garage, constructing a 548-stall underground parking ramp beneath South Carroll Street and building a mixed-use apartment building where the garage once stood.

Urban Land Interests:  Anchor Bank

Findorff:  Anchor Bank Expansion & Renovation

As these photos from last summer show, the project was approved and quickly moved forward.

Anchor Bank building and Risser Justice Center

Demolishing the parking ramp gets underway

Looking down South Carroll Street

Here's what the project sites looks like as of January 30, 2016.

Doty & Carroll

The excavation

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