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Here we go again: Trump loyalist sez the guy doesn't have a racist bone in his body

"I said over and over and over again...."

Photo creditCliff Sims:  5 Fast Faces You Need to Know (Heavy, 1/29/2019)

Cliff Sims Proud to Have Served Trump.  (The New Yorker, 1/29/2019)

1/23/2019 update, "Like patriotism, the "racist bone" defense is the last refuge of a scoundrel", starts here.

Headline from the Daily Mail.

6/14/2018 update, "Trump racist bone UPDATE. Fox News:  'Say it with me'". starts here.

Photo credit:  Stubhill News

Trump is not anti-immigrant.  (Las Vegas Sun, 6/14/2018)

3/2/2018 update, "Black and white UPDATE:  Most Americans say Donald Trump has at least one racist bone in his body", starts here.

Nearly half of white Americans think Trump is racist.  (Washington Post, 3!2018)
At this point in Trump’s presidency, few are surprised that large numbers of black and Latino voters believe him to be a racist — especially given his past comments about the Central Park Five and a 1970s lawsuit from the federal government alleging racial discrimination by him and his father at apartments they managed. 
But a recent poll shows large numbers — nearly half — of white Americans also now believe Trump is racist.  [topline results]

2/28/2018 update, "Former ambassador to Finland sez Trump doesn't have a racist bone in his body" starts here.

Photo credit: Celebrity Net Worth

Missä on suomi?

2/13/2018 update, " Herman Cain -- you remember him, don't you? -- arrives late to the racist bone dance", starts here.

He was the frontrunner for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination in the 2nd half of October 2011.

Quoted in Herman Cain says Trump doesn't have a racist bone in his body.  (Yahoo News, 2/12/2018)

1/15/2018 update, "Donald Trump fills in the blanks", starts here.

Quoted in Hopes Dim for DACA Deal as Lawmakers Battle Over Trump’s Immigration Remarks.  (The New York Times, 1/14/2018)

It's a fill-in-the-blank kinda thing.  Strike 'anti-semitic', add 'homophobic'.  Strike 'homophobic', add 'sexist'.  Strike 'sexist', add 'racist'.  What a crazy merry-go-round.

The guy loves to use superlatives when talking about himself.

10/3/2017 update, "Big mouth sez Trump's got no racist bone", starts here.

Quoted in Robinson wrong; Trump no racist.  (Bucks County Courier Times, 10/2/2017)

9/21/2017 update, "Sebastian Gorka doubles down on Trump's lack of racist bone", starts here.

Quoted in Ready to push panic button on Trump?  Ex-adviser Gorka says 'relax'.  (World News Daily, 9/20/2017)

9/8/2017 update, "Sebastian Gorka weighs in on Donald Trump's lack of racist bone", starts here.

Photo credit:  Wikipedia

Donald Trump's former security aide tells Sam Delaney: 'America has many, many tools beyond total war'.  (Live Radio, 9/7/2017)

"Those people."  Yeah.

9/1/2017 update, "Another family member sez Trump doesn't have a racist bone in his body", starts here.

LISTEN: Eric Trump says his father ‘tunes out’ criticism so he doesn’t commit suicide ‘out of depression’.  (Raw Story, 8/30/2017)

Uhhhh.....Eric......this is an example of what happens when someone criticizes your dad.  A Twitter rant.

8/27/2017 update, "Lara Trump herself doesn't say that Donald doesn't have a racist bone in his body", starts here.

Photo credit:  CelebNest

Quoted in Polls: Trump Least Liked POTUS Ever At Current Point.  (America Now, 8/25/2017)

8/25/2017 update, "Dallas preacher Robert Jeffress on Trump:  "There is not a racist bone in his body", starts here.

Evangelicals Are Bitterly Split Over Advising Trump.  (The Atlantic, 8/23/2017)

Other Jeffress post:
Tales of hypocrisy: Pastor Robert Jeffress has no problem preaching when he's not in the pulpit.  (8/11/2017) 

8/24/2017 update, "Arizona man who disappoints Mom adds to racist bone pile", starts here.

Reported in Police lob pepper spray at protesters after President Donald Trump rally in Phoenix. (, 8/23/2017)

8/23/2017 update, "Methinks he doth protest too much with this doesn't have a racist bone in his body sniveling", starts here.

Quoted in Republican leaders dance around Trump remarks.  (Washington Post, 8/16 /2017)

Perry on LinkedIn.  And yes, he's not a rocket scientist.

8/22/2017 update, "Golfer John Daly on Trump:  'Not one racist bone in his body'", starts here.

DONALD TRUMP WILL HELP BLACKS... More Than Obama Did.  (TMZ Sports, 11/10/2016)

8/21/2017 update, "Former Trump butler sez of his boss: "There isn't a racist bone in his body"", starts here.

Donald Trump's former butler says 'There isn't a racist bone in his body'.  (Tampa Bay Times, 6/8/2016)
From someone "who has faced questions of racism himself".  Senecal has stirred his own controversy with comments about President Obama posted on Facebook. “With the last breath I draw I will help rid this America of the scum infested in its government," he wrote in May. He said Obama should be dragged from the “white mosque” and hanged “from the portico — count me in !!!!!” 

8/20/2017 update, "Repeat after me:  Interesting how all these bros insist that Trump 'does not have a racist bone in his body", starts here.

Photo credit:  Liberty University

Quoted in Jerry Falwell: President Trump “doesn’t say what’s politically correct, he says what’s in his heart” .  (Salon, 8/20/2017)

Related reading:
Some Liberty University Grads Are Returning Their Diplomas To Protest Trump.  (NPR, 8/20/2017)
Chris Gaumer, a former Student Government Association president and 2006 graduate, said it was a simple decision. "I'm sending my diploma back because the president of the United States is defending Nazis and white supremacists," Gaumer said. "And in defending the president's comments, Jerry Falwell Jr. is making himself and, it seems to me, the university he represents, complicit." 

Original 8/190/2017 post, "Well, guys, all we can conclude is that Trump has many racist bones in his body", starts here. (8/18/2017)

Daily Mail (8/17/2017)

Fox News Opinion (3/6/2016)

Photo credit:  Facebook

Reported in  Black Voices on Turmoil in Charlottesville: ‘The World We Live In’.  (The New York Times, 8/16/2017)
To them, the images of white supremacists marching through streets — along with the deaths of three people — and the president’s response to racial violence were upsetting, but not shocking. Instead, they were proof that more work needs to be done. Continue reading the main story 
“I’m not surprised,” said Harold Harris, 41, a barber in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood in Atlanta. “This is the world we live in; this is the country that we live in. We have a lot of racism embedded in our country, in our history.”

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