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Judge Doyle Square project UPDATE. Construction moved forward during now resolved dispute

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City Council approves $700,000 payment to developer to resolve Doyle Square dispute.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/9/2019)
Council members voted 15-0 in favor of the proposal — which also requires Beitler to accelerate construction of a hotel to serve Monona Terrace — after the body last year rejected two other proposals meant to resolve the dispute with the Chicago-based developer. 
The proposal amends a development agreement between Madison and Beitler and would free the city to seek a new developer to build behind the Madison Municipal Building

12/14/2018 update starts here.

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Judge Doyle Square litigation could cost city $40 million, developer says.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/20/2018)
The council twice has refused to pay $600,000 to Beitler to resolve the dispute over part of the $186 million project, which calls for a hotel, apartments, commercial space and parking on blocks that hold the Madison Municipal Building and Government East parking garage.

8/14/2018 update starts here.

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Judge Doyle Square designs earn praise for ability to stand alone if development deal falls through.  (Capital Times, 6/19/2018)

Mid-July update starts here.

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Developer sues city of Madison over Judge Doyle Square project.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/5/2018)
City moves forward with Judge Doyle Square plans despite lawsuit. (WKOW, 6/6/2017)
Madison seeks to hire outside law firm in litigation with Judge Doyle Square developer.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/14/2018)

6/5/2018 update starts here.

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5/13/2018 update, "There's that huge hole in the ground again", starts here.

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Explainer: What's going on with the Judge Doyle Square project in downtown Madison?  (Capital Times, 5/12/2018)
Construction on a new municipal garage is underway (note the huge hole in the ground behind the Madison Municipal Building between Doty and East Wilson streets). However, the developer said it is too expensive to construct a building on top of the underground ramp and is asking the city to fund a structural component of the project. 

4/23/2018 update, "That big pile of dirt is gone", starts here.

View from just southwest of MLK Blvd.

Shape-shifting panorama

3/2/2018 update, "What's going on behind the Madison Municipal Building?" starts here.

Installation of a new addition at the rear of MMB for staff and building support space.

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Madison Municipal Building renovation

What's going on with renovations at the Madison Municipal Building?  (Capital Times, 2/27/2017)
A $30 million plan to renovate the landmark Madison Municipal Building could be delayed two months, city engineers estimate, after bids from two general contractors came in significantly over the city’s budget.

City sighs relief with new bids for Madison Municipal Building renovation.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/26/2017)
To save money, the city cut back masonry restoration, removed an audiovisual package, separated bids for historic window restoration on the second and third floors and changed a number of smaller items, said Bryan Cooper, an architect for the city’s Engineering Division.

Municipal Building renovations on track to finish by fall 2018.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/28/2017)
Progress is also being made in the back of the building. Construction of the annex addition behind the rooftop courtyard is underway, Schuchardt said, and the crew has begun the masonry work at the courtyard as well.

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