Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Brooklyn Public Library's Kidsmobile

Serves schools, daycare centers, and shelters, and shows up at community events.


Other bookmobile posts:
Another bookmobile to be taken off the road -- this time in Indiana.  (2/11/2015) 
Palm Beach County Library System to replace 10-year-old bookmobile thanks to $225,000 anonymous donation.  (1/10/2015)
News from Shelby County, Indiana: One less bookmobile to answer for. (1/7/2015)
A bookmobile is born in Canton, Ohio, and delivered to Ames, Iowa.  (12/21/2014)
It's the principle of the thing: Ozaukee County towns question bookmobile funding.  (12/5/2014)
Washington County Free Library bookmobile service.  (9/12/2014)
Decline in the number of bookmobiles continues to accelerate.  (4/7/2014)
Today's the final day of San Antonio Public Library's bookmobile service.  (10/24/2013)
Billings Public Library bookmobile service.  (10/15/2013)
As the number of "relics" continues to decline.  (3/1/2013)
The bookmobile in the U.S.  (1/13/2013)
It's National Bookmobile Day.  (4/12/2012)
Another bookmobile taken off the road.  (4/1/2012)
Des Plaines Public Library ends bookmobile service after 42 years.  (12/18/2011)
Bookmobile service at the Marin Free County Library.  (11/5/2011)
Seattle Public Library's mobile library service.  (10/15/2011)
Bookmobiles retired at the Fond du Lac Public Library.  (8/29/2011)
Story on library outreach services uses the term "invisible librarians".  (8/6/2011)
YMCA, Oswego (New York) School District, and AmeriCorps form summer bookmobile partnership,  (7/10/2011)
Time and money running out for Des Plaines bookmobile.  (5/6/2011)
Bookmobile numbers are down but services still find an appreciate audience.  (2/9/2011)
Dells bookmobile offers wi-fi..  (6/28/2010)
Dane County bookmobile service still going strong.  (6/27/2010)
Des Plaines Public Library retains its bookmobile service.  (4/24/2010)
Fond du Lac bookmobile assigned a permanent home in Rosendale.  (2/7/2010)
Kalamazoo Public Library cuts bookmobile service. (11/15/2009)
New Mexico's statewide bookmobile service.  (10/18/2009)
New bookmobile for Lycoming County (PA) purchased locally.  (9/19/2009)
In "OverDrive":  The digital bookmobile.  (8/11/2008)

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