Thursday, February 5, 2015

Go Big, Go Bold, Go Base: Is Scott Walker Our Next Richard Nixon?

The Vanilla Power of Scott Walker, by Jonah Goldberg.  (New York Post, 2/3/2015)
Richard Nixon brilliantly played both sides against the other, alternating between establishmentarian noblesse oblige and populist hostility to the “Georgetown set” whenever it served his purposes.

And here are 2 recent examples of Scott Walker stoking populist hostility.

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Anonymous said...

This blog used to be a nice blog where people could consistently read about the nice things public libraries were doing (especially in Wisconsin). Now it's just a bitter collection of political jibberish. Get over it, already. I do not see public school teachers in Wisconsin collecting such a bitter collection of articles, and Walker's done more to hurt public schools in this state than public libraries. Public libraries are not under the same scrutiny as public education in Wisconsin.

Retiring Guy said...

Please note that the political jibberish, as you say, is not mine. The bitterness seems to be on your end, baby.