Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gee, if you're a household of 1, your pay will be at nearly twice the poverty rate

Madison call center to receive nearly $575,000 in state incentives to add nearly 300 jobs. (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/15/2014)

It's a start.  Two state agencies will provide more than a half-million taxpayer dollars to help a Philippines-based outsourcing company expand a small Madison call center, based on its pledge to add 286 jobs in three years starting at $11 per hour plus commission.

For the benefit of all those hard-working families.  Hall said WEDC rules require companies to pay at least $11 per hour to get taxpayer incentives.

About that $11,670.

The income standard for housing affordability is 30%.  In other words, an individual earning $11,670 annually should not pay more than $3501 for housing costs.  That $291.75 per month.

In many Wisconsin zip codes, you'll be lucky to find a studio apartment for less than $600 per month.

It's not easy being a household of 1 when you earn $11.670 a year.

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