Monday, December 2, 2013

Scott Walker's Fans Accuse "Union Thugs" of Writing Fake Reviews of "Unintimidated", Then Do Likewise

And if "fake" means providing comments without having read the book, then I suspect most of the 1* reviewers stand guilty as charged.

But, hey, what's good for the blue goose is good for the red gander.

missjill's call to arms!   Now, here's your chance to tell Scott Walker how you feel about him -- and his latest attacks on public employees. Submit your own review here on Amazon and then copy it into the comments below as well.

Hmm, nothing here about actually reading the book before submitting a "review".

It's all very silly, of course, on both ends of the political spectrum, but fake reviews in numerous guises go with the Amazon territory, no matter what the type of book.

Tracking Reviews of 
"Unintimidated" on Amazon

55 five-star reviews were posted on Amazon with a 3-hour period this morning.

FRI2 = the day after this article was published.

Walker critics flock to Amazon to rip his new book, whether they've read it or not. Capital Times, 11/28/2013)

Well said, Jack Craver, with RG's emphasis added.  While the zeal with which the governor's critics rushed online to diss his book may demonstrate that he will never achieve the level of popularity that, for instance, former Gov. Tommy Thompson once enjoyed, it is perhaps the small number of reviewers who gave Walker's book two, three or four stars that say more about his political future. It's that tiny group of independent voters in the middle, who like some things about Walker but not others, whose votes will determine whether he wins re-election and is able to make a serious run for president.  

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