Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hey, Kathleen, I'm still looking for that directive to set aside library computers for Obamacare use only

No ObamaCare Partnership at Public Libraries, Official Says.  (Norristown Patch, 7/9/2013)

Here's what the American Library Association and the Institute for Museum and Library Services hope to accomplish.  (The highlights are mine.)

They are facilitating access to the resources that librarians need to help people make informed decision about the Affordable Care Act, just like we do in countless other reference transactions.

It is strictly voluntary.  "....for anyone interested...."

No "must".

No "shall".

No "We are delighted to require libraries set aside their public-access computers for Affordable Care Act information only."
So tell me, Kathleen.  How often do you meet with your elected officials?  Seems like Richard Kratz caused you to "shiver me timbers".

Oh, by the way.....

And one more thing, Kathleen.  Not to inject politics into this post.  (Who, me??!!)  Your county voted for Obama by a wide margin in the 2012 Presidential election.  But really, that shouldn't even be part of the equation here.

In closing, I hope I haven't ruined this classic doo-wop song for any of you reading this post, but it's been running through my head for the past 20 minutes.

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