Saturday, April 24, 2010

Houses Demolished to Make Way for (Hoped-For) Library Expansion

View of what voters must agree to fund

Link to April 23 Daily Herald article, "St. Charles library expansion moves forward with demolitions".

Excerpt:   Bryan Wood, the library's assistant director, took photos as Bourbeau's house crumbled to the ground after less than 20 minutes of work by the machine and its giant claw. For Wood and the other library employees who came out to watch. Thursday was about taking the next step toward a vision of a bigger and better library that will serve the needs of a larger population that the current building was meant to accommodate. The expansion, estimated to be in the neighborhood of about $35 million, will expand the library to 112,000 square feet. The site of Bourbeau's old home, and several other homes, will eventually become a parking lot with 280 spaces. But the library needs to ask voters for more money to make the actual expansion occur. When that request will come has yet to be decided. Whether or not voters will agree to fund the project is the last big question delaying the expansion.

"Yeah, we'll just have to see what they want," Wood said

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