Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not Everyone Enamored of Ebooks

Link to October 19 Wisconsin State Journal article, "UW-Madison students test brave, new way of reading".

Excerpt: If given a choice between reading the 1,200-page epic novel "War and Peace" on a Kindle digital reader or curling up with an old-fashioned book, it's no contest for UW-Madison student Rule Johnstone.

He'll take the actual book.

"As soon as I even tried it on Kindle, I knew I couldn't do it," said Johnstone, 21, from New York City. "You want a sense of measure, you want a sense of scale in how far you've come in book. And on a Kindle, you can't tell that."

Johnstone is one of 20 students in Professor Jeremi Suri's upper level history seminar who was given Kindle DXs - one of Amazon's digital readers - to use for free as part of a pilot program at UW-Madison. UW-Madison Libraries purchased them last summer for $10,000 with private gifts from the Parents Fund, at a cost of $500 a piece.

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