Saturday, May 13, 2017

Greetings from La Jolla, California, where the Children's Pool is a treasured, though controversial, landmark

From Retiring Guy's postcard collection
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The Breakwater forming the Pool, was con-
structed and donated to the city by Miss Ellen
Scripps.  It is one of the most popular spots
for the small fry of the community.

But not all is sweetness and light.  There's this court case...

Children’s Pool disabled access suit headed to trial.  (San Diego Union-Tribune, 10/14/2015.)
The Sept. 30 ruling came in response to city attempts to end the litigation without a trial. The city had argued that adding a disabled ramp would destroy the historic integrity of Children’s Pool, a breakwater built in 1931 with a large wall designed to provide easier access to ocean swimming for young people.  

And the fact that harbor seals use the beach for a 'birthing room'. 

Ellen Browning Scripps biography

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