Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Toys R Us UPDATE. Store closing and a carnival sets up next door

Do I hear 60?

How low can you go?

4/21/2018 update, " Toys R Us sweetens the pot:  Up to 40% off (though it seems like they're not all that excited about it)", starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

One of the window signs notes that merchandise is 'up to 40% off', but you'll need to be within 50 feet of the entrance.  Otherwise, it's like reading the bottom line of an eye chart.

4/5/2018 update, "Still plenty of merchandise available at GOING OUT OF BUSINESS sale", starts here.

The store will remain open "until around mid-May", according to one of the employees.


But probably not anything in the Star Wars section.  (Sorry, folks, I didn't check up close.)

The main reason for my visit?  I hoped to find mega-bargains on garden kitsch menagerie additions, but these pricey collectibles are only 10% off.  Will anything be left by mid-May?  Will prices be slashed by then just to get rid of stuff?

All photos by Retiring Guy

Stay tuned!

3/15/2018 update, "R.I.P. Madison West Towne Toys R Us (1989?-2018)", starts here.

Photo by Retiring Guy

West Towne Mall store among 740 in U.S. to close with demise of Toys R Us.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/15/2018)
Toys R Us had dominated the toy store business in the 1980s and early 1990s, when it was one of the first of the "category killers"— a store totally devoted to one thing. Its scale gave it leverage with toy sellers and it disrupted general merchandise stores and mom-and-pop shops. Children sang along with commercials about "the biggest toy store there is." 
But the company lost ground to discounters like Target and Walmart, and then to Amazon, as even nostalgic parents sought deals elsewhere.

Development timeline of the site:.  

  • 1972.  Opens as General Cinema twin theater.
  • 1981.  One theater split to form a triplex.  Total seats:  1,094.
  • 1987.  Marcus Theaters takes ownership.
  • 1988.  Theaters closed and building demolished.
  • 1989?  Toys R Us opens 55,000-square-foot store  

Original 1/24/2018 post, "Pop Quiz.  In Madison Wisconsin, Toys R Us is closing (a) East Towne store (b) West Towne store (c) both (d) neither", starts here.

An email sez West Towne




Oops!  Shoppers leave Toys 'R' Us on Madison's Far West Side on as the store prepared to open on Thanksgiving 2017. The 55,000-square-foot store will remain open while the Toy's R Us-owned Babies R Us at East Towne will be among 182 stores scheduled to close, according to the company, which filed for bankruptcy in September.  [emphasis added]

See if your Toys R Us store is on the closure list.  (USA Today, 1/24/2018)

Zeier Road runs along the eastern edge of East Towne Mall.

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