Monday, January 16, 2017

Dear climate denier Cathy Stepp, Maybe your should crawl out of your shell

The quote is from DNR chief Cathy Stepp downplays her view on climate.  (, 1/16/2017)

Recommended reading for Ms. Stepp:

Climate Change and Lake Superior.  (Minnesota Sea Grant)
  1. Lake Superior's surface water temperature in summer has warmed twice as much as the air above it since 1980.
  2. Lake Superior's ice cover is diminishing.
  3. Wind speeds over Lake Superior are increasing.
  4. Lake Superior summer stratification period is longer.

Study:  Lake Superior is one of the fastest-warming lakes in the world.  (MPR News, 1/14/2016)

Infographic: Lake Superior Pressured by Climate Change and Invasive Species.  (Circle of Blue, 7/10/2015)

How climate change is transforming Lake Michigan.  (Urban Milwaukee, 2/1/2015)

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