Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Three Dane County Supervisors Propose a Wheel Tax

'Wheel tax' proposed by three county board members. (Wisconsin State Journal, (11/9/2011)

Excerpt: Three Dane County Board members on Tuesday proposed a $20 annual registration fee on motor vehicles as a way to stop proposed cuts to human services and to beef up the county's reserve fund.

The proposal faces an uphill battle because many board members don't want to add a taxes or fees when so many of their constituents are being hurt by the recession, but proposed cuts to social services for the county's most vulnerable residents are a worse alternative, said Sup. Kyle Richmond, 27th District, a leading proponent of the fee.

"It's less than half the cost of a tank of gas," Richmond said. "We are the fastest-growing county in the state. If we're going to have acceptable quality of life here we have to find a way to fund basic services.

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Anonymous said...

Cut spending.
Don,t buy marshes.
Don,t build manure digestors.
No wheel tax.