Saturday, October 8, 2011

Community Library's Twin Lakes/Randall Renovation Underway

Community Library prepares for new chapter in Twin Lakes. (, 9/28/2011)

Excerpt:      It’s on the first week of the Twin Lakes/Randall Community Library renovation project and as of Monday library employees had almost everything packed up.

There are five storage pods in front of the library, at 110 South Lake Avenue in Twin Lakes, filled to the gills with boxes of books and reference materials. The library shares a parking lot with the Subway restaurant.

The library was cramped into 3,800 sq. ft. The renovation will expand that useable space to 6,300 sq. ft. Some walls will be knocked out, opening up the space. There will be more room for public access computers, programs, shelves for materials, and general seating areas. New carpet, paint and other items will give the heavily used library a new look

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