Friday, April 2, 2010

Proposed Bill Amends Wisconsin's Election Laws

Link to April 1 Wisconsin State Journal article, "Fast-moving bill would bring sweeping changes to Wisconsin's election laws".   (Senate Bill 640)

Excerpt:   A bill that would bring sweeping changes to state election laws is rapidly moving through the Legislature.

If it becomes law,
[1] the Government Accountability Board would be required to automatically register people to vote when they sign up for driver's licenses. The bill also aims to [2] encourage absentee voting and  [3]voting at satellite locations, and to [4] make it easier for members of the military who are overseas to vote.

The legislation was the subject of a joint public hearing Wednesday, and Senate and Assembly committees on Thursday voted in favor of it. The Legislature's budget committee could take it up as soon as next week.

Lead sponsors Rep. Jeff Smith, D-Eau Claire, and Sen. Spencer Coggs D-Milwaukee, along with Democratic leaders and other supporters, say the bill would encourage higher voter turnouts and help prevent voters from being intimidated at the polls

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