Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some Madison Council Members Not Ready to Move Forward on Mayor's Central Library Renovation Plan

Excerpt:    On Nov. 10, Madison historian Stu Levitan gave one of the most rousing speeches of the dozens heard by the City Council during 2010 budget deliberations, earning a spontaneous round of applause for his praise of the proposal to build a new, $37 million Central Library on West Washington Avenue.

"If you honor the past, the future will honor you," he said, noting the city's history of commitment to public libraries.

The City Council included the new Central Library in its long-term budget the next day, but four months later, on March 18, private negotiations between mayoral staff and the developer, the Fiore Cos., collapsed.

Since then, Mayor Dave Cieslewicz has moved full-speed ahead on a proposal to renovate the current Central Library at 201 W. Mifflin St., even issuing a timeline for its potential spring 2012 completion. But library fans like Levitan and many members of the City Council have not yet bought into the switch.

"I could not have given that speech for renovation," Levitan says. "It's not the community statement of the importance of the library ... Certainly, a renovated Central Library would be better than the existing one, but that's not what the community desires or needs.

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