Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Safety net shtick UPDATE: Scott Walker falls off the trampoline

He tweets about welfare reform and doesn't mention his favorite piece of equipment.

Source:  @ScottWalker

3/13/2018 update, "Scott Walker just can't let go of the dumbest, most thoughtless metaphor ever", starts here.

@ScottWalker (highlight added) 

Reported in Statistics on trampoline injuries.  (LiveStrong, 9/11/2017)

1/4/2018 update, " Welcome to America's #1 recycling site:  Scott Walker's Twitter feed", starts here.

12/5/2017 update, " Scott Walker absolutely loves this video!!", starts here.

1/26/2017 update, "Scott Walker, salesman, expands his trampoline customer base to include parents of schoolage children", starts here.

Quoted in Walker's welfare plan: Expand work requirements to parents.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/23/2017)

1/23/2017 update, " This from the guy who's pushing a hammock-to-trampoline public assistance transition".


Original 1/19/20176 post, "I firmly believe Scott Walker should show us his trampoline skills", starts here.

How can you not instantly recognize the absurdity of this statement?  But then this is the governor with a trampoline agenda.  Lotta damage done.

You'll find this nonsense at Weekly Radio Address: Public Assistance Should Be a Trampoline, Not a Hammock.  (Office of the Governor, 1/19/2017)

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