Monday, December 31, 2012

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Embargoes Use of Phrase "Climate Change"?

State's lakeshore communities struggle to cope with low water levels.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/29/2012)

Excerpt: As Lake Michigan plunges toward uncharted low water levels, Wisconsin's lakeshore communities - from Milwaukee to the tip of the Door Peninsula - are scrambling to cope.

Uncharted, as in we've never been here, never experienced this before; it's new to us.

And so what are offered as possible causes.

Well, you won't find any mentions of "climate change".

But how about this for reach.

So, even with this increased flow of water, Lakes Erie and Ontario are still experiencing near-record low levels.  And after a century of "human meddling", the water from Superior, Michigan, and Huron finally found the hidey-hole?

Background readings for Dan Egan.

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