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Population loss in Mississippi: Quitman County/Marks

It all started here.

Population loss as in major -- 50% or more. 

Source:  Wikipedia (Quitman County, Marks)

Marks is the larger of two county seats in Quitman County.  

Population loss by degrees:  80-90%70-79%, 60-69%, 50-59%.

Percentage of population 25 and older with a bachelor's degree:
  • 11.8% - Quitman County
  • 21.3% - Mississippi
  • 30.9% - U.S.
Percentage of population 65 and older:
  • 17.4% - Quitman County
  • 15.9% - Mississippi
  • 16.0% - U.S.
% of population living in poverty:
  • 40.9% - Quitman County
  • 19.7% - Mississippi
  • 11.8% - U.S.

The last time Quitman County voted for a Republican candidate for president was in 1972.  Clinton received 68.7% of the vote in 2016.  George Wallace received 55.8% of the vote in 1968.
Related reading:.
County Says It's Too Poor to Defend the Poor.  (The New York Times, 4/15/2003)
Lawyers say cases like Ms. Brown's are not unusual here in Marks, the seat of Quitman County, a patch of Mississippi Delta farmland about 60 miles south of Memphis. But now the county is trying to do something unusual about it. 
The county is suing the state because it says it cannot afford to provide defendants with anything more than assembly-line justice. Mississippi is among a handful of states that provide no money for the defense of the indigent in noncapital cases.

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