Thursday, September 21, 2017

UPDATE. What was once Mirro is now an empty city block

Photos by Retiring Guy

8/18/2017 update, "Sunny day Mirro demolition photos", starts here.

From the 10th Street bridge

All photos by Retiring Guy

Manitowoc Mirro demolition traffic changes to take effect.  (Herald Times Reporter, 8/9/2017)
A live feed to view the work being done on the building is available on the city’s YouTube page. The city also has a page on its website,, dedicated to information about the Mirro project.

15th and Washington

15th and Washington, 2 days later

Manitowoc Mirro stories will live beyond demolition.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/9/2017)
When the Great Depression hit in 1929, there were about 3,400 employees at Aluminum Goods. But with sales down by more than 65 percent by 1931, the number of employees dropped to 2,500. With the worst of the Depression over by 1933, employment immediately rose to 2,700.

16th and Washington

7/28/2017 update starts here.

On Franklin Street

Manitowoc Mirro demolition: 542 tons removed last week.  (Herald Times Reporter, 7/5/2017)
The city held a kickoff press conference June 9 to start the demolition process. It said no explosions or implosions will be used during the demolition, although work conducted mostly during regular business hours of 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. will be noisy.

Manitowoc Mirro demolition temporarily disrupted by sinkhole.  (Herald Times Reporter, 7/24/2017)
A small sinkhole appeared, and was quickly repaired, in Franklin Street late Wednesday near the Mirro building demolition site. 
Community Development Director Nic Sparacio said they can’t be sure if the sinkhole was caused by the generous amounts of rain the area received recently, or if it was caused by the nearby demolition activitie. 
The sinkhole was less than 12 inches across, and crews were able to close the street right away.

Original 7/27/2017 post, "Mirro demolition videos", starts here.

Mirro demolition starts Monday in Manitowoc.  (USA Today, 6/7/2017)
The building’s demolition will clear the 5-acre site for future development, according to a press release from the City of Manitowoc. The total cost for the demolition and materials disposal is expected to be $3.3 million. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation recently awarded $500,000 to Manitowoc under their Idle Sites Redevelopment Program.

From the same article cited above.
According to a fact sheet distributed by the city, heavy machinery will be used to deconstruct the building and water will be used to control dust and debris. A debris shield will also be put in place as an extra precaution. The debris will be moved to the Waste Management solid waste landfill and steel will be recycled.


What's happening at Mirro?

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