Friday, February 2, 2018

UPDATE. Once again, Jesse Kremer does not approve this message

Front page New York Times photo by subscriber Retiring Guy

8/14/2017 update starts here.

Reported in
 When DinosaursRuled the Earth,Mammals Took to the Skies.  (The New York Times, 8/9/2017)

7/16/2017 update starts here.

When Dinosaurs Roamed North Dakota.  (The New York Times, 7/11/2017)

Original 7/11/2017 post, "And here in Wisconsin, we have a legislator who wants to emphasize the strength of support for creationism ", starts here.

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Wisconsin Assembly candidate denounces tax breaks for wind energy but conveniently overlooks what big oil receives.  (8/7/2014)
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