Monday, January 23, 2017

UPDATE: New Middleton Starbucks open for business

The interior has a welcoming, let's-stay-awhile feel to it.

Those windows that Starbucks was required to install after the fact are now covered on the inside.  It's not a public space.

11/4/2016 update, "Starbucks minds Middleton's building design p's and q's", starts here.

Although there's still work to be done.  Canopy over door.  Screen around electrical boxes.

From the 10/11/2016 Middleton Plan Commission meeting minutes:

Photos by Retiring Guy

10/10/2016 update, "Middleton Plan Commission scolds Starbucks", starts here.

From the minutes of the 9/27/2016 meeting:

Requested changes to east elevation:

What it looks like now:

Photo by Retiring Guy

Requested change to south elevation:

Source:  City of Middleton

What it looks like now:

Photo by Retiring Guy

9/12/2016 update, "You might have to wait for that Eggnog Latte at Allen Boulevard Starbucks ", starts here.

Starbucks plowed ahead with construction without getting Plan Commission approval on revisions to building facade.

City of Middleton (Approved elevations/as built)

9/10/2016 update, "Your Allen Boulevard Starbucks should be ready by Eggnog Latte time", starts here.

8/5/2016 update starts here.


Top spot probably reserved for the big guy from Seattle. 

6/29/2016 update, "Has Starbucks put this project on hold or abandoned it?", starts here.

Another question to ask Mark Opitz.

Photo by Retiring Guy

5/17/2016 update, "Construction of new Middleton Starbucks at a temporary standstill, it seems", starts here.

As of yesterday, this is how the site has looked for the past two weeks.

Photo by Retiring Guy

March 10, 2016, update starts here.

Oh, and by the way, the Middleton Plan Commission approved the signage package on April 28, 2015.  (I thought this project was going to get underway last year.)

Original post, "Starbucks in Middleton:  Sign, sign, everywhere a sign..." begins here.

Starbucks plans to open what will be a third location in Middleton, this newest store located near the intersection of Century Road and Allen Boulevard. 

But the company wants to display 10 signs on the building.  The City of Middleton's current sign code allows for just 2.

Should be an interesting Plan Commission meeting on April 28th.

Red arrows added

Speaking of the Five Man Electrical Band, I much prefer their follow-up single to 'Signs'.  

'Absolutely Right' spent 8 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 in late 1971 and peaked at #26, probably not enough to keep the group from being considering a one-hit wonder.

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Cat Smith said...

Who needs 10 signs to know it's a Starbucks? Doesn't the ubiquitous mermaid do the trick all by herself? :)