Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poetry Book Remains in North Fond du Lac School Library

Link to March 25 Fond du Lac Reporter article.

Excerpt:    A compromise was reached during a Materials Reconsideration meeting Wednesday night that would allow the poetry book "Paint Me Like I Am" to remain on the shelf provided it has a label designating it as appropriate for high school students. Younger students could also access the book with prior parental permission.

"I am not for banning any books. It's really a matter of labeling certain books so that parents can be aware of what their children are reading," said parent John Larson, who asked the school district to reconsider the book due to mature language.

Larson filed the reconsideration form with the district earlier this month after he discovered his 11-year-old stepdaughter writing down the lines from the poem "Diary of an Abusive Stepfather." Larson said he had no idea that the child had even checked out the book and wondered how she could have obtained a book like that from a school library.

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