Saturday, March 27, 2010

New York's New Battery Park City Park Branch Dazzles

Link to March 27 New York Times article, "A Library That Most Can Only Dream Up".

Excerpt:   The existence of this beautiful 10,000-square-foot library, which opened on March 18, prompts so many questions: How could such state-of-the-art technologies be marshaled in service of the old-fashioned act of book reading? How could such fancy design be affordable in an era of wrenching budget crises? And in choosing where to build the coolest, greenest new branch around, why pick Battery Park City, a neighborhood already so blessed with amenities?

Conversations about this branch date back at least a decade, when local residents started contacting elected officials and library representatives, noting how the area’s population had grown. Good community organizing, a well-connected population and responsive officials were, however, only part of the equation.

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