Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gaming in Libraries: Liz Danforth's List of 5 Mistakes Librarians Make

Link to Liz Danforth's January 18 "Games, Gamers, and Gaming" column in Library Journal. (via Twitter via Game Culture)

The list:

1. We don't play

2. We don't listen.

3. We think plug and play is good enough.

4. We don't experiment.

5. We don't broaden the experience.

I suspect such broad-brush observations will cause some librarians to take offense.

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Liz said...

I would encourage you to look at more than a single post on my blog. I talk long and often about things we do right, advocating for games as an essential and highly desirable service, defending our considerable and meritorious efforts against the naysayers criticizing and questioning why libraries would have game programming.

To acknowledge that there are some basic things we need to be sure we're doing is practical advice, not dismissive.

Also, I write for Library Journal, not Publisher's Weekly.