Friday, June 15, 2018

Around Town: Bloom Bake Shop to reopen as Bloom Bindery, a bakery/bookstore

Photo by Retiring Guy

Bloom Bake Shop owner to launch combo bakery/bookstore in Middleton.  (Capital Times, 5/1/2018)
That's why her original Bloom Bake Shop in Middleton won't be "Bloom Bake Shop" in a couple of weeks. 
It’ll be “Bloom Bindery,” a cookie bakery, coffeehouse and bookstore. The for-profit company has a mission to promote a love of reading, with a portion of cookie sales going to local literacy initiatives. The shop will open on Friday, June 1.
The above photo was taken yesterday -- June 14.

Retiring Guy will keep you posted.

Original 12/13/2017 post, "You've heard of a bear hibernating, but how about a bakery?, starts here.

Well, hear you go.

Photo by Retiring

Our Middleton location is in hiberation until
Spring 2018
Happy Wintertag

The Monroe Street location remains open.

The website notes that the Middleton location is closed for renovations.

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