Friday, March 8, 2013

Here's a Comforting Headline

"Cleantech"?  Proactive approaches?   Fuggedaboutit!   It's got no appeal anymore.

Let's get reactive, say investors, and put our money in businesses and assets that will thrive, and boost our profit margins, as the earth heats up.

Such as....
  • Water treatment companies
  • Water rights  ( “Climate change for us is a driver.” sez Marc Robert, Chief Operating Officer of Water Asset Management, a New York hedge fund.)
  • Australian farmland
  • Mosquito engineering (including ones that can't reproduce)
  • Mineral exploration

Higher temperatures?  Increased humidity?  Rising sea levels?  Disappearing glaciers?  

Hey, business is good!!

And promises to get better.

But not for much of the world's population.

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